Oxo Baby Food Ricer Review

Oxo Baby Food Ricer Review

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OXO Tot Baby Food Ricer, White/Green

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The company that made this product has been in the same business for over 20 years. This simply means that it understands what has to be done so that people get to use the right baby food maker products. The OXO baby food ricer is one of the best products from the company. It is designed to deliver on the best features that you would need in a baby food maker. Many parents today can now feed their babies with nutritious food thanks to this product. Read more about its features below.

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  • Brand: OXO
  • Item weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Origin: China
  • Number of items: 1
  • Batteries required: No


Get fine consistency baby food

Many parents would wish to get the best product that can deliver on the needs of fine food for their parents. It is important that you get this product today to experience all that. It is made to help you introduce solid food to your baby using the fine texture there is today. You can mash through the food until it becomes whatever you want. Many parents now easily feed their children with different solid foods to help them gain more nutrition.


Non-slip handle

The non-slip handle is what you need when mashing the food in this baby food maker. Being non-slip means that you get to mash them without worrying it slipping and there is inconsistencies in the final texture. Anyone would want to have the result of a great textured baby food, and this product makes it happen.


Dishwasher safe

When it comes to the washing part, many people would not want to buy something that will make them spend a lot of time cleaning it. The product is made to be dishwasher safe so that you can easily clean it after making the baby food.

Proof that the product works

The OXO baby food ricer has been in use for a while now. Many people who have used it ended up posting various reviews about the product. They all show that it is an impressive product that delivers on its feature promises. You can now make medium to fine textured baby food with a lot of ease when using this type of product. Its operation is just easy, many people can now make baby food in the comfort of their homes without having to use a lot of time.


  • Non-slip handle
  • Can product medium to fine textured food


  • Not strong enough to last a long time


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If you are tired or unsure of buying baby food from the store, then this is the right product for you. It is possible now for you to make baby food right in your home. You no longer have to worry about ending up to feed the baby with the worst baby food that does not have any nutrients at all. You can now make the baby food with a lot of ease and also clean the product after using it.

It is time that you started making your own baby food. Buy the OXO baby food ricer today.

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